Mexico City, March 3-4 2023
In person and virtual event

  • 2 days
  • In person   sold out  
  • Virtual Conferences


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The major Elixir and Erlang event in Mexico.

The Elixir and Erlang community celebrates ten years of Elixir in Mexico City.
Meet people and companies using and developing high performance, fault-tolerant and resilient applications that scale to billions of users in production in areas like Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, Gaming, Blockchain, Security, Machine Learning and more.

We will share experiences and knowledge during two days of conferences.


Virtual talks

Watch the recorded stream

Time CST Duration Talk/Activity Virtual Speaker
10:00 AM 5 min Opening Norberto Ortigoza
10:05 AM 40 min Sharing code in the backend and frontend using Gleam Ian González
10:55 AM 5 min Break
11:00 AM 25 min Convenience store data processing and ETL - on the ground and in the cloud Saul Rojas
11:35 AM 10 min Break
11:45 AM 40 min Observabilidad en aplicaciones Elixir de gran escala Misael Pérez
12:35 PM 5 min Break
12:40 PM 25 min Evolving legacy architectures to enable real-time communication with Elixir microservices Dario de Filippis
1:15 PM 5 min Day's closure Norberto Ortigoza

In-Person talks

At Italian Cultural Institute

Time CST Duration Talk/Activity Speaker
8:00 AM 50 min Registration
8:50 AM 10 min Opening Norberto Ortigoza
9:00 AM 60 min Keynote: Distributed Elixir made easy. Johanna Larsson
10:00 AM 10 min Coffe Break
10:10 AM 40 min Using LiveView to eliminate constraints on your team Todd Resudek
11:00 AM 25 min Especificaciones de tipos automágicamente Mackenzie Morgan
11:30 AM 10 min Coffe Break
11:40 AM 40 min A Nerves history from a non embedded developers team building a world class IoT AI product Alfonso González
12:30 PM 40 min Patrones en LiveView para crear excelentes experiencias de usuario Berenice Medel
1:20 PM 90 min Lunch Break
2:50 PM 40 min Integrating Industrial Communication Protocols with Elixir and Nerves Aldebaran Alonso
3:40 PM 25 min Writing much better tests in Elixir Xochitl Pérez
4:10 PM 40 min Exploring Elixir Codebases with Archeometer Agustín Ramos
5:00 PM 10 min Coffe Break
5:10 PM 60 min Keynote: On the shoulder of giants there’s room for larger giants Francesco Cesarini
and Andrea Leopardi
6:10 PM 10 min Event's closure Norberto Ortigoza
6:20 PM 90 min Toasting Ceremony - Celebrating 10 years of Elixir. At the Garden


Johanna Larsson

Software Engineer @ Duffel. Contributed to Elixir core that one time

Distributed Elixir made easy

Andrea Leopardi

Elixir core team member, Developer advocate, Engineer at Apple

On the shoulder of giants there’s room for larger giants

Talks and keynotes will be held on March 4 at Instituto Italiano de Cultura


Talks and keynotes will be held on March 4 at Instituto Italiano de Cultura


Misael Perez

Líder técnico de Elixir/Erlang, Golang, iOS y Android en Bunsan.

Observabilidad en aplicaciones Elixir de gran escala

Saúl Rojas

Software Engineering, Cats, Design, Art, Food, Futurism, Politics, Economics.

Convenience store data processing and ETL - on the ground and in the cloud

All virtual talks will be held, on March 3th, for free via @CodeBEAMLiteMX Twitter Live. No registration needed.


Tickets for in person conferences are sold out
You can still join us at the Virtual conferences


Norberto Ortigoza

Founder/CEO of Bunsan, Professor at UNAM Engineering Faculty. Compilers, Crypto & Distributed Systems. Marathon runner

Francesco Cesarini

Founder/Manager Director of Erlang Solutions

Miriam Peña

Founder and board member of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

Anayeli Malvez

Back End Developer at Soundtrack Your Brand

Raúl Chouza

Elixir Developer at Erlang Solutions


Italian Cultural Institute

Keynotes & Talks, 4th of March

Francisco Sosa Av. 77, Del Carmen
Coyoacán, CDMX

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Code spaces

School of Engineering, UNAM
Universidad Av. 3000
Coyoacán, CDMX

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Suggested accomodation

🌐 City Express - Patio Universidad

Popocatépetl Av 546
Benito Juarez, CDMX

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