Ian Gonzalez

Senior Software Engineer at Pulley

Ian is a Software Engineer who has been working with Elixir professionally for 6 years. He is interested in the latest development on the BEAM ecosystem, especially in ML in Elixir and the development of Gleam.

He is currently a Sr. Software Engineer at Pulley.

Mastodon: @ian@genserver.social

Sharing code in the backend and frontend using Gleam

Audience: Intermediate

Gleam is a young BEAM typed language that is getting good traction. Since version 0.16, Gleam now compiles to JavaScript too, which opens the possibility of writing in Gleam both in the backend and frontend.

This talk will illustrate what is currently needed to share the same code in BE and FE, compiling to Erlang and JavaScript respectively. The talk will showcase the trade-offs of this approach (versus current state of the art which is writing in both languages) with the simple example of a form validator. The talk will also compare the code generated in Erlang and JavaScript with the same Gleam initial code.