Alfonso Gonzalez

Head of Engineering at Intuitivo AI

Started in the electronic engineering world, started to work on desktop and web development, delivering big systems, understanding good ways to deliver valuable information from data storages, and building IoT platforms collecting data for Machine Learning training had been my high-level journey through technology.

I have over 10 years of software development experience, designing and implementing systems for governments and private companies, got involved in the VC global community, and working to re-invent the retail world.

Currently helping to build an AI and computer vision company for retail 3.0 infrastructure from the engineering perspective.

A Nerves history from a non-embedded developers team, building a world-class IoT AI product

Audience: Beginners

A history of non-elixir developers exploring Nerves Project while building IoT infrastructure and firmware distribution from zero to million devices product. The journey exploring Nerves, the way the team jumped into the Erlang ecosystem, community worth, and how we can deliver quality real IoT products for several markets.