Xochitl Pérez

Backend Developer at Bunsan

I’m a girl who loves technology , plays video games and knit a lot of things.

My hobbies are reading, playing video games, riding in my bike, and walking around the city.

Writing much better tests in Elixir

Audience: Intermedium, Beginners

We’ll learn to do better tests in our code because sometimes it is the last thing that we are worried about until somebody analyzes our code or something happens in production

The tests are important in our code because we can be sure of the behavior of the application, and well, sometimes we forget to write good tests, create different scenarios apart from happy paths, and sometimes we don’t write tests. I’ll explain which is a good test, characteristics and why is the principal reason that you need to have.

I will provide points that we usually forget and our tests could be more understandable.